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Studio Bundles

Runtime Blocks

Runtime Plan

Trial Plan

K Plan 20

K Plan 100

K Plan 500

Mega Plan 1

Enterprise & Unlimited Plans


20,000 Words

20,000 Words

100,000 Words

500,000 Words

1,000,000 Words







Runtime Blocks

Trial Plan

K Plan 20 – 20,000 Words

K Plan 100 – 100,000 Words

K Plan 500 – 500,000 Words

M Plan 1 – 1,000,000 Words

Enterprise & Unlimited Plans

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is a Creator License, and who needs one?

A Creator License is required to build, maintain, or modify a project within Studio. A Creator License is only required for those intending to build the initial NLG project within Studio.

Q. What is Runtime?

The number of words generated by your NLG project is referred to as Runtime. Arria measures the aggregate usage by monitoring the total word-count of all users combined.

Q. How does distribution affect Runtime?

Once the narrative is generated, it can be shared via the distribution channel of your choosing without counting towards your allotted Runtime.